Take charge of trust in your organization

  • If your customers don't trust you, you will never get to know them. Customers trust organizations with good intentions and strong competencies. Read more
  • Big Data is nice to have. But gaining trust from your customers is need to have. In the future people will not trust you with their data if you have not earned their trust. Read more
  • Trust is not something you have. Trust is something you build when you do marketing, sales, customer service, in conversations, through social media and with your website. If you do it well. Read more



Trustmint  consultancy was established in January 2014 based on the idea that organizations need to work strategically and practically to build more trust online.  In the future when organizations ask customers to share personal data and hand over private information to purchase a product or a service, trust will be the only currency customers will accept in exchange for their data.

In spring and summer 2014 Trustmint will focus on developing presentations and giving talks about how online trust is a strategic resource. We have a couple of presentations that we do already:

  • "Who do your customers trust online and where does online trust come from?"
  • "Are you watching TV or is your TV watching you? How the Internet of Things and big data will change who we trust and who we give our data to"

We plan to launch new products, such as a Trust Meter and frameworks designed to build more trust in online marketing, communication, the media and sales and service processes.

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